Bioret Agri, COMFORT SOLUTION PROVIDER, an innovating French company. European Leader of seamless mattress. The unique manufacturer of cow mattresses in France.


Bioret Agri was founded by the breeder Alain Bioret in 1993, he was one of the pioneers in the innovation of animal comfort.

Since that day the comfort of the breeder and dairy cow became our priority for the creation of the product, research and development.

Our fields of skills are:

  • Made in France, standard size mattresses or tailor product
  • Comfortable rubber for alley floorings
  • Diagnostics and installing solutions of comfort in farming
  • Warranty based on our experience, the longest in Europe
  • Engineering process of specific rubber conception with technical details
  • Permanent process of innovation.

In the world where the production and cost efficiently must be combined with well-being, Bioret Agri brings into life its know-how. More then 1 200 000 cows sleep and walk in the comfort and total security thanks to the products developed in our workshops.

After Smart Mat®, our intelligent mattress, connected to smart devices, which received innovation awards in France, Denmark, Russia…, discover our next Comfort Revolution: active rubber flooring Magellan®.

The future starts today!